Friday, August 24, 2007

Keep The Cluck Out Of The Canal

If there is one thing that sportsfans usually are it's wacky. Whether it's some type of weird superstition, or a crazy post-game celebration us sportsfans are always coming up with unusual ways to show our support. And the fans in Japan are no different.

Competition begins on Saturday in the western Japanese metropolis famous for the "curse of the Colonel" and where the sports-crazy locals often plunge into the city's murky canal.

After the Hanshin Tigers won the Japan Series baseball in 1985, thousands of baseball fans jumped into the Dotombori canal, taking a statue of the Colonel pinched along the way with them.

The Man in White was never seen again but the Tigers have been easy to find -- extra crispy and usually at the bottom of their league ever since.

So, the sportsfans in Osaka grab the Colonel from KFC and throw him into the canal as they jump in? I guess it doesn't really matter too much since we all know he dead.

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