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Are You Smarter Than An NFL Draft Pick?

The NFL Draft has come and gone, and you've already read Mel Kiper's analysis(presented by his hair!) of your team so many times that you recite it as a prayer before going to bed. However, one thing that Mr. Kiper probably does not do(I wouldn't know because I refuse to pay for "Insider" access) is inform you as to what some of the draft picks were majoring in before they left college.

For the most part, this will be a review of what the eleven quarterbacks who were drafted majored in since many consider that to be the most mentally demanding position to play. I will, however include a complete list of majors for the draft picks from rounds one and two.

And if you're one of those people who thinks that football players at popular division one schools don't do much of their own work? Humor me.

Jamarcus Russell(QB, LSU): General Studies. Ah yes, the good old "general studies" major. However, when you're about to get paid millions of dollars you could major in dodgeball and be ok.

Brady Quinn(QB, Notre Dame): Finance/Political Science(double major). Say what you want about Quinn's suspect arm strength, his brain has to be decently strong to double major at Notre Dame. Though, that $17 million hit he sustained as a result of sliding to #22 will make budgeting his finances even more important.

Kevin Kolb(QB, Houston): Business. It's always good to have some business knowledge, especially when your net worth is going to increase dramatically. Kolb might have been better served majoring in diplomacy had he known the controversy his selection by the Eagles was going to cause.

John Beck(QB, BYU): Communications(graduated). It's nice to see that Beck has already obtained his degree, though the fans in Miami probably couldn't care less. During his rookie season, he will most likely put his communications skills to good use answering questions about how it feels to be the 75th heir in 7 years to Dan Marino's cleats(and knee braces).

Drew Stanton(QB, Michigan State): Kinesiology. Stanton picked a great subject to major in as the newest quarterback addition to the Detroit Lions' roster. He'll be able to tell the training staff exactly what's broken or bruised anytime he takes snaps behind an offensive line that gave up the second most sacks in the NFL last season.

Trent Edwards(QB, Stanford): Political Science. The "Edwards For QB Campaign" already has a little support as J.P. Losman hasn't been the most productive passer. Fortunately Edwards didn't major in "nightlife" because thanks to Willis McGahee we all know how bad that scene is in Buffalo.

Isaiah Stanback(QB, Washington): Marketing. If Stanback wants any shot of playing quarterback for the Cowboys he should start marketing himself as the best placekick holder in the history of the NFL. No matter what, he would have to look more graceful getting tackled than Tony Romo did against the Seahawks.

Jeff Rowe(QB, Nevada): Communications. Communications isn't a bad fit for someone drafted by Cincinnati. After all, the arrests and locker room fights have to be discussed at some point. Though, Rowe might want to consider a law degree so that he can represent his teammates if/when they get into trouble. Last year he would have made a ton of money providing counsel.

Troy Smith(QB, Ohio State): Running Scared From The Florida Defense...oops sorry about that...Communications. The Heisman Trophy winner slipped into the fifth round probably as a result of his showing against the Gators. He comes into a quarterback situation that's favorable to him with Steve McNair on the downside of his career and Kyle Boller likely out next year. However, he'll probably spend most of his time having to communicate that the position of quarterback still exists in Baltimore.

Jordan Palmer(QB, Texas-El Paso): Communications. Palmer will put his communications knowledge to good use answering questions...about his big brother Carson. "Seriously, did he torment you like Peyton tormented Eli?"

Tyler Thigpen(QB, Coastal Carolina): Recreation and Sports Management. Thigpen has to be happy with being selected by Minnesota. Not only are there questions at the quarterback position, it's a known fact that they enjoy their recreational activities. No matter how obscene they may be. Though, he might have been better served majoring in something aquatic related as we all know how much Vikings' players enjoy their time on the water.

There they are, the eleven quarterbacks that were drafted and what they were majoring in before heading to the NFL. Don't forget to check out the complete list of majors for the picks from rounds 1 and 2.

Complete List of Majors For The Draft Picks of Rounds 1 and 2

Round 1

1.Jamarcus Russell(QB, LSU): General Studies

2.Calvin Johnson(WR, Georgia Tech): Building Construction

3.Joe Thomas(OT, Wisconsin): Real Estate & Urban Land Economics

4.Gaines Adams(DE, Clemson): Sport Management

5.Levi Brown(OT, Penn St.): Psychology

6.LaRon Landry(FS, LSU): Communication Studies

7.Adrian Peterson(RB, Oklahoma): Sociology

8.Jamaal Anderson(DE, Arkansas): Sociology

9.Ted Ginn Jr.(WR, Ohio St.): Human Development & Family

10.Amobi Okoye(DT, Louisville): Psychology

11.Patrick Willis(LB, Mississippi): Liberal Arts

12.Marshawn Lynch(RB, Cal): Social Welfare

13.Adam Carriker(DE, Nebraska): Business Administration(graduated)

14.Darrelle Revis(CB, Pitt): Social Science

15.Lawrence Timmons(LB, FSU): Social Science

16.Justin Harrell(DT, Tennessee): Sports Management

17.Jarvis Moss(DE, Florida): Sociology

18.Leon Hall(CB, Michigan): General Studies

19.Michael Griffin(FS, Texas): Liberal Arts

20.Aaron Ross(CB, Texas): Education

21.Reggie Nelson(FS, Florida): Sociology

22.Brady Quinn(QB, Notre Dame): Finance/Political Science(double major)

23.Dwayne Bowe(WR, LSU): Education/General Studies

24.Brandon Meriweather(FS, Miami-FL): Liberal Arts

25.Jon Beason(LB, Miami-FL): Business Management

26.Anthony Spencer(DE, Purdue): African-American Studies

27.Robert Meachem(WR, Tennessee): Communications

28.Joe Staley(OT, Central Michigan): Business Major

29.Ben Grubbs(G, Auburn): Business(graduated)

30.Craig Davis(WR, LSU): Communication Studies

31.Greg Olsen(TE, Miami-FL): Criminology

32.Anthony Gonzalez(WR, Ohio St.): Philosophy

Round 2

33.Alan Branch(DT, Michigan): General Studies

34.Paul Posluszny(LB, Penn St.): Finance(graduated)

35.Arron Sears(DT, Tennessee): Sociology

36.Kevin Kolb(QB, Houston): Business

37.Eric Weddle(SS, Utah): Special Education

38.Zach Miller(TE, Arizona St.): General Studies

39.Justin Blalock(OT, Texas): Youth and Community Studies(graduated)

40.John Beck(QB, BYU): Communications(graduated)

41.Chris Houston(CB, Arkansas): Recreation

42.Tony Ugoh(G, Arkansas): Business

43.Drew Stanton(QB, Michigan St.): Kinesiology

44.Sidney Rice(WR, South Carolina): African-American Studies

45.Dwayne Jarrett(WR, USC): Sociology

46.LaMarr Woodley(DE, Michigan): General Studies

47.David Harris(LB, Michigan): General Studies

48.Justin Durant(LB, Hampton): Sports Management

49.Kenny Irons(RB, Auburn): Business Economics

50.Chris Henry(RB, Arizona): Philosophy

51.Steve Smith(WR, USC): Public Policy/Planning & Management

52.Brian Leonard(FB, Rutgers): Labor Studies

53.Eric Wright(CB, Nevada-Las Vegas): University Studies

54.Turk McBride(DT, Tennessee): Sociology

55.Josh Wilson(CB, Maryland): Marketing(graduated)

56.Tim Crowder(DE, Texas): Liberal Arts

57.Victor Abiamiri(DE, Notre Dame): Finance

58.Ikaika Alama-Francis(DE, Hawaii): Physical Education

59.Ryan Kalil(C, USC): Sociology

60.Samson Satele(C, Hawaii): Sociology(graduated)

61.Gerald Alexander(FS, Boise St.): Communications

62.Dan Bazuin(DE, Central Michigan): Marketing

63.Brandon Jackson(RB, Nebraska): Sociology

64.Sabby Piscitelli(SS, Oregon State): Speech Communications

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