Friday, May 11, 2007

When Employing Medieval Crowd Control Techniques Goes Horribly Wrong

When we hear the word "moat" most of us probably think of castles, dragons and knights. Not soccer pitches. However, it seems that the moat is being used as a crowd control tool at South American soccer stadiums, and sometimes the consequences can be deadly.

"A FAN of Brazil club Gremio has died in hospital after falling into the moat at the Olimpico stadium before a home Libertadores Cup match with Sao Paulo.

The victim, named as 21-year-old medical student Wiliam da Silva, was standing on a wall at the front of the crowd when he lost his balance and fell into the dry moat which surrounds the pitch, the club said.

He died in hospital of severe head injuries several hours later."

Having a dry moat surrounding the field seems a bit odd. You would think they could at least fill it with water, or maybe bubblewrap.

Unfortunately, the fan's death comes at a time when there's been increasing concern about a popular celebration called the "Avalanche". It's a wonder that no one dies when they engage in this craziness.

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