Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Mitch Mustain Saga Is Over, For Now

In case you haven't been following the misadventures of Mitch Mustain, Gus Malzahn, Houston Nutt, Arkansas Razorbacks fans/alumni and a number of other individuals here's a quick rundown.

Mustain was a highly touted high school QB that played for a high school in Springdale, Arkansas. His high school coach, Malzahn was hired as offense coordinator at Arkansas, and Mustain, along with a few of his teammates(remember the name Damian Williams), decided to go to Arkansas. The first intriguing part of this story is that Mustain had actually decommitted from Arkansas, but then recommitted when Malzahn got hired. Also, Williams had seemingly been a lock for the Gators, but appeared to change his mind when Malzahn made the move to Arkansas.

Throw in some scandalous e-mails from a booster(Teresa Prewett) to Mustain, use of the FOIA to get the cellphone records of Nutt, Malzahn leaving for a coaching job at Tulsa, and two of the Springdale recruits, Mustain and Williams, asking to be granted transfers and you have a very basic synopsis of these crazy events.

Seriously, if you want in-depth coverage do yourself a favor and check out Orson and Stranko's take on it at EDSBS. Es muy bueno!

Anyway, Mustain has been granted his wish and he's transferring to USC. He'll be reunited with Williams who also transferred to the Pete Carroll school of points and abs.

So, for now at least, the Mustain part of the saga in Fayetteville is over, though it will be interesting to see if USC and Arkansas square off again while he's out in Southern California.

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