Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mark Cuban Doesn't Want To Just Own The Team, He Wants To Run The Whole League...In Football

That's right, Mark Cuban, basketball blogger(and NBA referee heckler) extraordinaire, is interested in starting his very own football league.

Apparently, he believes that "there is more demand for pro football than supply", and that a new league of eight teams is a viable solution. He's part of a group that includes Bill Hambrecht, a guy who invested in the Oakland Invaders of USFL fame from 1983 to 1985. The Invaders actually played the last USFL game ever when they faced the Baltimore Stars in the '85 championship game. Though, their memory lived on in the NFL through Bobby Hebert.

This new league wants to play their games on Friday nights, and would compete with the NFL for players drafted after round two. Cuban believes that because of the salary cap in the NFL the new league could "fill its rosters with players taken lower than the second round, as well as late NFL cuts and undrafted free agents".

I'm not sure if Cuban has any knowledge of football, or if his expertise is strictly limited to basketball. Maybe he's not aware that the NFL has become so popular and powerful that it's virtually impossible to compete with it unless you have a gimmick(see AFL). Even then, you're not guaranteed success(see XFL). Besides they already have pro-football in Texas on Friday nights. They even made a movie about it(see "Friday Night Lights").

Even with all of that, I'm not going to lie, I would watch it. Can you imagine Mark Cuban owning a professional football team? He would be like Jerry Jones after drinking 50 Redbulls and doing a few lines of smack. Patrolling the sidelines, updating his blog on his Blackberry and yelling at the refs. I have to believe that as a former rugby player he would even try to put himself into the game. How sweet would it be to see Cuban get crackbacked by a guy who was undrafted out of college?

So I say, bring on the Cuban Football League(um yeah, they'll have to work on that)! If his football team is anything like his basketball one, then there will be 300 points scored and not one sack or interception.

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