Wednesday, May 23, 2007

It's Like Surfing In A Snowglobe

As some of you may know, I enjoy surfing. Growing up near the ocean in Florida has given me ample opportunity to get in the water and paddle around. However, for the most part I enjoy surfing warm(er) locales. You know, like Florida, Hawaii, Costa Rica(hopefully soon), Tahiti(maybe someday), etc. Sure, the water in Florida can get a little nippy, but I've never had to trudge through snowbanks to get to the beach.

However, these guys have, and it's pretty incredible. To help you even begin to understand what surfing that day was like, I will give you a few key stats. These came from the NWS's daily almanac entry for Islip, NY from February 12, 2006.

High temperature: 28*
Low temp.: 21*
New Snowfall: 16.7 inches
Water Temp at Buoy 44025(35 NM s. of Islip): 45*(high for the day)

Enjoy the video, it came from "John's" MySpace. I suggest you turn up the heat, throw on a sweatshirt and pour something warm to drink because this video could give you some serious chills.

Blizzard Barrels '06

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