Friday, May 11, 2007

Looks Like Ricky Gets To Extend His Vacation For A Few More Months

Chris Mortensen is reporting that Ricky Williams, of visor interviews and CFL fame, failed another drug test in April, and that he won't be elligible for reinstatement until at least September. Williams had been scheduled to speak with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week concerning his reinstatement in the NFL.

Of course he tested positive for marijuana again. If he ever plays in the NFL again they might as well stitch "Marley" on the back of his jersey.

Though, the league doctors that have been overseeing his rehab program seemed understanding of his situation.

"Falling off the wagon is part of rehab," a source said. "Based on the medical evidence in Ricky's case, the doctors say it's too early to come back. He had the positive test last month. Remember, he's been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder -- that's a real disease and a good percentage of those folks self-medicate with substances like marijuana, often at the moment they are about to have a high level of social interaction."

Falling off the wagon? Ricky has been floating above it for the past 5 years. Seriously, he might as well move to Amsterdam and open his own hash bar. It can't be much different than what he's got going on right now.

Oh well, it gives Commissioner Goodell some more free time to spend with PacMan this week. Chompa chompa!

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