Monday, May 14, 2007

Two Months Later And We Still Aren't Sure What Happened To Pakistan Cricket Coach Bob Woolmer

When this news broke almost two months ago it appeared to have the makings of a bizarre tale of crime. In the preliminary reports, officials stated that they believed that Woolmer had been murdered by strangulation, and that more than one person was probably involved.

They even hinted that his death may have had something to do with his team's upset by Ireland and match-fixing. Other rumors surfaced regarding a book that Woolmer was writing, and the potential for it to expose illegal gambling in the sport. In recent weeks, reports had come out stating that Woolmer may have ingested champagne poisoned with a rare weed killer.

Yesterday, however Scotland Yard investigators released a statement that Woolmer died from natural causes, heart failure, and that he wasn't strangled. Though, they gave no comments on the toxicology reports, or the speculation that Woolmer had been poisoned.

One of the Pakistani detectives, Mir Zubair Mahmood, that had traveled to Jamaica to assist called the investigation "inconclusive", and said "it was still unclear whether Woolmer was murdered or had died of natural causes".

Seriously? What the heck is going on in Jamaica? Coach Woolmer died almost exactly two months ago today, and it seems that they're no closer to even knowing if he was murdered or not. At one point, it was even reported that authorities had a suspect on tape from a security camera. What has become of this mystery person? Instead of making sense of this case it seems to be getting more and more peculiar with every report. I can't imagine how his family must be handling all of this.

One thing I do know, though is that Horatio Cain would have had this case cracked in record time eight weeks ago.


One More Dying Quail said...

May 14 would have been Woolmer's 59th birthday. Very sad.

Asma bint Marwan said...

It took the police more than 1 month to release Woolmer's body to his family.

Strangely, neither his wife nor son left South Africa for Jamaica to claim his body. When asked why, his wife said, "what good would it do?"

Jamaica police have been inept but British press have been rife with rumors.

A Pakistani player killed the coach. Yet the team was allowed to leave within days.

What is your theory?