Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What's Their Age? College Football Edition

I was reading an article today on MSNBC about Joe Paterno, and how some incidents during the offseason have worn on him. For some reason I was a bit shocked that he was 80 years old. I think it was one of those things that I knew, but never really thought about. Seriously, being in good health when you hit 80 is one thing. Coaching football at a prestigious division 1 college while maintaining your health at 80 is quite another.

Realizing that JoePa was 80 years old motivated me to find out how old some of the other division 1 football coaches are. I've also included how many years they've completed at their current school as the head coach.

Joe Paterno: 80 years old. Has coached the last 41 of them at Penn State.

Bobby Bowden: 77 years old. Has been coaching at FSU for 31 years.

Steve Spurrier: 62 years old. Head coach at South Carolina for 2 years.

Lloyd Carr: 61 years old. Head coach at Michigan for 12 years.

Frank Beamer: 60 years old. Virginia Tech head coach for 20 years.

Phil Fulmer: 56 years old. Tennessee head coach for 15 years.

Mack Brown: 55 years old. Texas head coach for 9 years.

Pete Carroll: 55 years old. USC head coach for 6 years.

Jim Tressel: 54 years old. Ohio State head coach for 6 years.

Tommy Tuberville: 52 years old. Auburn head coach for 8 years.

Charlie Weiss: 51 years old. Notre Dame head coach for 2 years.

Mark Richt: 47 years old. Georgia head coach for 6 years.

Bob Stoops: 46 years old. Head coach at Oklahoma for 8 years.

Urban Meyer: 42 years old. Florida head coach for 2 years.

Feel free to add any others in the comments.

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