Monday, September 17, 2007

The Browns Get No Love Even When They Win

Yesterday, the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals put on a display of airpower usually reserved for when the U.S. military invades a country. There were bunker busters, Hellfires and Bulldogs flying all over Cleveland Browns Stadium. Though, that last one probably pertains more to the fans in the "Dawg Pound".

If you thought Cleveland had no chance at beating Cincy in shootout, then you were very, very wrong. Derek Anderson threw for 328 yards, 5TD's and 1INT as the Browns beat the Bengals 51-45. This, less than one week after Cleveland had traded away former starting quarterback Charlie Frye.

Cincy did put up good numbers, Carson Palmer passed for 401yds, 6TD's and 2INT's, and Chad Johnson finished with 11 receptions, 209 yards and 2TD's. However, Cleveland came into the game as a 7.5 point underdog at home, and pulled out the win. Yet, Yahoo! Sports decided to put up a picture of Chad Johnson stiff-arming Leigh Bodden on their frontpage.

Seriously? They couldn't find a picture of one of Braylon Edwards' 8 catches or his 2 touchdowns? What about Kellen Winslow and his 6 catches and 1 touchdown? Or even Jamal Lewis as he rushed for 215 yards and 1 touchdown?

I understand that Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson are bigger "stars" than Derek Anderson and Braylon Edwards, but the Browns played a helluva game yesterday and pulled out a pretty crazy victory. It only seems fitting that they should get more recognition than a picture of their cornerback getting a hand to the grill by Ocho Cinco.

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