Monday, September 17, 2007

Remember Kids, Your Favorite Team Sucks

We've all known that the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is one of the most intense in all of sports. But when the kids get hurt has it gone too far?

Griffin Whitman, a 10-year-old Red Sox fan from Swampscott, was excited to attend his first Yankees vs. Red Sox game Friday night. The young autograph -collector was even more thrilled to score Yankees outfielder Shelley Duncan’s signature before the game. That is, until Griffin read the message from the 27-year-old rookie: “Red Sox suck! Shelley Duncan.”

“It was cool to get his autograph,” Griffin said. “It didn’t make me feel happy when he wrote that.”

Griffin’s mother, Karen, blasted the Yankees slugger’s bad manners.

“This is someone who wears the Yankee uniform and is on the payroll and should be setting an example for 10-year-olds,” she said.

Personally, I'm not a fan of kids, so I don't really care and actually find some humor in this. Though, I'm sure some of you out there will call Shelley Duncan a jerk, or tell him to f-off or throw beer on him at the next game. Whatever, that's what you get when you ask for an opponent's autograph while wearing the colors of their most heated rival. Besides, it was the kid's first game, he had to get introduced to the animosity firsthand at some point. At least Duncan included an exclamation point!

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