Thursday, September 13, 2007

Greg Spires' Wrecked Porsche Cayenne

Tampa Bay Bucs defensive end Greg Spires let his teammate, Donald Penn, borrow his Porsche SUV, and this was the result. Spires says that it's "no big deal". Though, the owner of the parked car that Penn smashed into seems to think it is.

The Mother's Day gift that Amy Lucas' children gave her 12 years ago was parked in her driveway when she heard a crash, she says.

The crash report shows Spires has insurance, but Lucas doubts she will be properly reimbursed for the true value of the Oldsmobile.

"I'll never get the money I put into that vehicle," she said. "We used to put it in car shows. Now, it just looks pitiful."

Looks like the Bucs have a roster full of great drivers with Penn and Stevens. You can see more pics in the gallery. Oh yeah, what's up with listing Spires' address in the story?

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