Monday, September 10, 2007

Do What You Do Well Or Be Prepared To Lose

Every week you see a football team try and win their game in a manner that they're not used to doing. Whether it's getting into a shootout when you're used to grinding it out on the ground, or trying to continually run the ball when your quarterback can air it out at will. At the end of the game, usually one that results in a loss, people wonder why the team didn't stick to doing what it does best. This weekend's team was the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Over the past few season, the Jaguars have been known as a strong running team that uses their running success to set up the playaction pass. Last season, they were tied for 3rd in the NFL in rush attempts per game(32.1), in '05 they were ranked 8th(31.4) and in '04 they were ranked 15th(27.9). So what did they do yesterday with their rushing combo of Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew?

They rushed 13 times. Total. For a whopping 48 yards, and no touchdowns.

Instead, they asked David Garrard to throw 30 passes, and to try to win the game through the air. It's no wonder they lost to Tennessee 13-10.

I expect to see significantly more rush attempts for both Taylor and Jones-Drew when they face Atlanta in week 2.

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