Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Is Michael Vick Really Just An Idiot?

By now we all know about Michael Vick's involvement with dogfighting. He pleaded guilty to being involved so there's no denying that. However, something we haven't figured out is does he do stupid things because he has no regard for the consequences of his actions, or because he's an idiot?

That question got a little harder to answer this afternoon seeing as how Michael Vick tested positive for marijuana.

A federal judge placed tighter restrictions on Michael Vick on Wednesday after he tested positive for marijuana.

Because of the result, U.S. District Judge Henry Hudson placed special conditions on Vick's release, including restricting him to his home between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. and ordering him to submit to random drug testing.

The urine sample was submitted Sept. 13, according to a document by a federal probation officer that was filed in U.S. District Court on Wednesday."

So, here's Michael Vick, with the spotlight firmly on him, yet knowing that his every move will be scrutinized he violates a condition of his pretrial release.

You can look at this situation much the way Vick's other situation could be looked at. Did he really think that if he was caught engaging in this illegal behavior that nothing would happen? Or, did he think that there was nothing wrong with smoking some weed?

The two sound similar, but they are indeed very different. If it's the first, then Vick has decided that at a certain point the law does not apply to him. He's conducting his life under the assumption that he's above the law, and he should be punished accordingly. If it's the second, then obviously Michael Vick has no grasp of the concepts of right and wrong and punishment. In that case, he probably should undergo some type of mental evaluation and testing to determine just how impaired his judgment is.

I can't believe that someone who is severly impaired mentally could function as an NFL quarterback, but Michael Vick's actions have definitely brought that into question.

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