Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stampeding Horses? Get Your Bite On!

Remember when horses were giant, majestic creatures that seemed to pose no harm to humans? We rode them off into sunsets, and did our very best to mend their injured hooves(Grow hoof! Grow!). Now they're all wild, with their stampedes and such.

"Doug Sauter, who coaches the Oklahoma City Blazers of the Central Hockey League, was at the fair Saturday attending the Centennial Expo's Draft Horse Show when he saw a Belgian horse break free from its reins. That caused a chain reaction that spooked other horses, he said Monday."

But have no fear because Coach Sauter knew exactly how to stop those wild horses, and surprisingly it didn't involve a firearm, taser or lasso.
"The coach of Oklahoma City's minor-league hockey team helped prevent a possible stampede of Belgian horses at the Oklahoma State Fair by biting one of the animals on its ear.

He bit the ear of one of the spooked horses to stop it from stampeding.

"That's how you stymie a horse," he said.

"You bite as hard as you can, and it won't move."

Obviously it's Sauter's glorious mustache that's given him all of these mystical powers. Though, it's unfortunate that he wasn't contacted to help heal Barbaro. Because if his bite can stop a horse, his kiss would definitely cure it of laminitis.

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