Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Fries Knew It All Along

These two guys are the duo known as "Charlie's Frye's". Last season they wore costumes depicting french fry boxes with their moniker on it to support their starting quarterback. After Cleveland's trade of Frye to Seattle I was curious as to how they would respond.

Would the Cleveland police have to talk a large french fry container off of a high ledge? Would they burn their outfits outside of Cleveland Browns Stadium in protest? Or would they create new outfits in memory of Charlie?

How about none of the above? It seems that "Charlie's Fryes" gave up on him before the season even started.

We will no longer be continuing the "Frye Outfits" this year. I will go back to being called "Dawg Pound Mike". I will have a new site at I just felt it was time to put away the "Frye Outfits". I still beleive Charlie will be our starter and have a great NFL career with the Browns. Dan and I started ths together to support Charlie. With Dan's new job and not being able to be at every home game...we decided we would end it. I will still be at every home game and every road game as well! I will be in section 118 of the Dawg Pound wth my jersey..."Dawg Pound Mike" stop by and say hello!

We both think Charlie is a quality quarterback but we really dont care who is the guy! We just want to see our Browns play for a Championship! GO BROWNS!!

I guess Charlie should have seen it coming when Dan got that new job, and his two most visible supporters quit on him. But on the upside maybe he can get some fans to start "Charlie's Dulce de Leche Frapuccino Blended Coffees".

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