Friday, April 18, 2008

Calzaghe Vs. Hopkins, A Boxing Match Worth Watching

Boxing doesn't seem nearly as exciting today as it did in the past. Maybe the fighters aren't flamboyant enough, or maybe the lack of quality fights in what's supposed to be the premier weight class, the heavyweight division, has cast a shadow over the rest of the sport. All that aside, this Saturday night's fight between Joe Calzaghe and Bernard Hopkins should be a good one.

I watched Calzaghe's last fight, against Mikkel Kessler, and when it was announced later in the year that he would be fighting Hopkins in Vegas on April 19 I made a mental note to make sure to watch it. Hopkins is a dangerous fighter for sure, but the reason I really want to see this fight is because of Calzaghe. He's an active fighter that keeps the tempo up. For the most part, there isn't a lot of leaning or grabbing. His fights are usually very entertaining, and can hold your interest over the course of every round. It also helps that he hasn't backed down from Hopkins in the war of words.

I’ve seen it all. I’ve been there,” Calzaghe said. “We’ve got to listen to three hours of Hopkins going on about (toughness). At the end of the day, Hopkins had to go to prison to make him hard, so he was weak. I was born hard. That’s the difference. I don’t need to go to prison to be hard. I was a hard guy from the start. You’ll see it Saturday. I’m going to make a grown man cry.”

Awesome. It's always fun when Hopkins, a notorious shit talker, gets a little something back. Hopefully this fight lives up to the hype, and Calzaghe can put Hopkins on the canvas numerous times.

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