Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Forget Playoffs. College Football Needs More Bowl Games!

A day after Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delaney shut down any talk regarding a plus-one playoff model, the St. Pete Bowl backers get to state their case for adding another bowl to the postseason mix.

Yes, Jim Mora would be proud.

"That's what St. Petersburg Bowl backers are hoping for Wednesday morning in Hollywood, Fla., when they go before the NCAA's Bowl Certification Committee, seeking approval for the new bowl.

Owned and operated by ESPN, the St. Pete Bowl will pit schools from the Big East and Conference USA at Tropicana Field. The inaugural game was planned for Sunday night, Dec. 21, but that changed when the NFL schedule assigned the Bucs a home game the same night against San Diego.

The St. Pete Bowl is still looking to secure a date, but Pete Derzis is confident the bowl will be added to the bowl lineup and approved for the 2008 season."

Seriously, another college football bowl game? I understand that college football fans will seemingly gobble up anything related to the sport(An autographed Charlie Weiss ab machine? Who cares if it works? It's a must have!), but when does the postseason become too diluted?

Last season, there were 32 bowl games crammed into the space between December 20 and January 7. That means that more than half of the teams in Division 1(screw your FBS) were invited to participare in the postseason. Instead of being somewhat exclusive, the bowl season has gravitated towards being all-inclusive because of the massive amounts of cash thrown around.

So if the St. Pete Bowl is added to the lineup, then we end up with 33 bowl games and roughly 55% of the Division 1 football teams being invited to participate. It's just another indicator of exactly where the allegiances lie with the people that control the structure of the NCAA football complex. Mention playoffs and you'll be ridiculed. Ask for another bowl game and you'll be welcomed in with open arms.

Update: The St. Pete Bowl has been approved. Great.

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