Friday, April 18, 2008

High School Baseball Player Uses Duck For Batting Practice

When you're part of a team there are times when you will probably get dared to do something embarrassing, stupid or illegal. If your teammates are really creative, then the dare will probably be all three. However, at some point it's up to you to decide whether the ridicule you get for not doing the dare outweighs any punishment you might receive for successfully completing it. Obviously, for Derike Bennett any possible teasing was much worse than being arrested for animal cruelty.

A Jacksonville area high school baseball player was suspended because police said he took a dare that ended up in the baseball bat-beating death of a duck.

Derike Bennett, 18, a student at Baldwin Middle Senior High School, was charged with animal cruelty, WJXT-TV reported.

Witnesses said the teen killed a duck on school property by striking the animal with a bat after being dared by his teammates.

A duck? Come on kid. Who are you trying to emulate, David Ortiz? Just standing around, wildly swinging the bat, but doing so in a lazy fashion. If you're going to get arrested for animal cruelty because you took a swing at a feathered friend at least make it sporting. What about a Golden Eagle?

Now there's a challenge! But remember, if you miss there's a good chance it's going to carry your scrawny, bird killing ass back to its nest.

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