Thursday, April 24, 2008

T.O.'s South Florida Residence?

After reading about Terrell Owens' possible involvement with an "adult" movie I got curious about why he would be in South Florida in the first place. Apparently, he lives down there, and trains there in the offseason.

And since August of 2006, it looks like he's lived in unit #5302 of the Trump Palace Condo.

18101 Collins Ave., Unit #5302 Sunny Isles, FL Property Record

Now, there's no guarantee that this is the Terrell Owens. However, the unit is in the Trump Palace Condo. It sold for over $1.75 million. And a search of property records for owners with the name "Terrell Owens" returns only this result. So, I'm pretty sure that that's good old #81.

Also, I've tracked down this realty site that has quite a bit of information regarding the Trump Palace Condo if you feel like seeing some more about where T.O. lives(possibly).

So, if you feel like asking him about his alleged porn involvement now you know where to go get thrown out of. Don't forget the popcorn! Anyone want to start comparing the interiors of the sets from the BangBros films?

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