Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Someone In The NFL Hates The Dolphins

Today, NFL fans got a bit of a tease when the 2008 schedule was released. Instantly fans can chart their team's course through the season, and dream about which weak teams they'll destroy en route to making the playoffs.

Of course, being a Dolphins' fan I have no expectations of seeing my team in the playoffs. Would it be nice? Hell yeah. Is it probable? Uh, no. However, I would like my team to not be the one that gets screwed up on the schedule. That's right, not only is Miami going to play two games outside of the U.S. in two seasons, but they've been left off the schedule for week 4 of the season. They have no game, and they're not listed as one of the bye teams. Awesome!

Maybe the Dolphins get to choose their opponent that week. Though, I'm pretty sure that that's not the case. Instead, they get left off during week 4, and the season starts with the Dolphins involved in some wacky mistake again. I can't wait for the draft!

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