Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You Might Have Seen The Newest Gator Football Player This Past Weekend

Yesterday, I wrote about the fastest student competition held before the Orange and Blue game in the Swamp this past Saturday. It went pretty much as expected, though one student stood out because of how close he was to Louis Murphy during their heat. That student's name was Bolaji Agbede, and you might want to remember it.

After the race, Coach Meyer commented that he needed to recruit the guy in the red shorts because of how well he ran. Well, I wonder what he would say if he knew about Agbede's strength? There's a very good chance that he didn't know about it because I didn't until I received this e-mail last night:


I am an acquaintance of Bolaji Agbede, the student who currently is UF's fastest. I am writing to notify you about another record that is not known concerning Bolaji. As he recently won the competition for fastest this past weekend, many do not know that he also holds the title for strongest.

As coach Meyer may be in the process of handing out walk-on scholarships, maybe he may want to consider the student who is currently fastest and strongest on campus. I was just writing to notify in hopes that maybe the word may be spread out if it's not already in Coach Meyers--knowledge.

Thank you for your time.

I figured that it was a friend just cruising the Internet drumming up support for the guy, but after reading the article and seeing how he ran on Saturday I think he deserves a legitimate shot. Prior to the 40-yard dash race he was on the Internet researching proper technique, and he turned in a very strong performance. Add to that that he was able to bench press 183% of his body weight this past March, and you can see that there is a lot of potential there. And if there are two things that coaches and fans love to see together it's potential and underdogs. Watching a guy who has the tools get a serious shot at success is something that everyone can support.

Hopefully, Bolaji Agbede gets that shot.

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digdeeepa said...

Hello. Do you by any chance have a contact to coach Charlie Strong? I believe he's a defensive coordinator or something. I've been looking for his email address on the UF directory but I can't find it.