Monday, April 14, 2008

Yes, That Was College Football You Saw Being Played In The Swamp

It feels like an eternity since the college football season ended. Though, that just increases the hunger for anything related even for the most casual fan. So, you can't blame anyone that was rearranging their Saturday schedule just to catch a glimpse of the Florida Gators playing...well, uh, the Florida Gators.

Sure, it was just a scrimmage between players on the same team, but it did give an indication of just who might be ready to make a big impact during the upcoming season.

Obviously, Tim Tebow will be ready to play, and hopefully Percy Harvin's surgically repaired heel will hold up for the entire season. One thing that I noticed quickly is that the fleet of running backs that Coach Meyer has to use looks hungry to prove themselves. It appears that all of them are tired of hearing about how poor Florida's rushing attack is, and they want to kick some ass as a collective unit. Mon Williams ran hard with a lot of power. Chris Rainey's speed and ability to catch the ball out of backfield was impressive, especially when he broke Ahmad Black's ankles in the open field. Emmanuel Moody had some nice moves and quickness, and looks like he's up to speed. Brandon James is also a fast guy who is very elusive because of his size. All of the together will be a nightmare for defensive coordinators.

At wideout, Riley Cooper battled through some early drops to make some very nice catches, and he is deceptively fast. He really could have a breakout season because of his height, speed and accumulated experience. Louis Murphy used his speed to get some good separation, and make nice gain on short passes underneath. Aaron Hernandez is a big target at tight end that can make nice catches, and he's actually pretty quick.

On defense, Carlos Dunlap played extremely well. He looks ready to play, and like he could improve Florida's weak pass rush from last season almost singlehandedly. Lorenzo Edwards should contribute a good amount at the linebacker position. The defensive backs played pretty aggressive, and hopefully they're all able to improve the pass defense that was a major weakness last year.

Seeing the Gators back out on the field was a wonderful thing, and it provides a little nourishment for the college football fan's soul. Hopefully, it's enough to get us all through until the fall. Though, I'm pretty sure that it isn't.

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