Thursday, April 24, 2008

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Well, after saying yesterday that the trade talk surrounding Pacman Jones had slowed down, the Titans agreed to send him to the Cowboys. As always, Mike Florio of PFT has all the specifics.

the Titans will receive the Cowboys’ fourth-round pick in this weekend’s draft. The Cowboys could also end up sending additional compensation to the Titans, depending on whether Jones is reinstated and, if he is, how much playing time he gets. Jones will sign a new contract with the Cowboys; he will pay $500,000 to a charity of the Titans’ choosing as part of a financial settlement with the Titans.

If Jones is still suspended a year from now, the Titans will send an undisclosed 2009 draft pick back to the Cowboys.

Florio also has the inside track regarding Pacman's "extortion payments", and it doesn't sound like a situation where Jones was only scared of someone coming after him and his family.
The document helps to clarify recent reports regarding the nature of the $15,000 payment that Edwards thereafter pursued from Titans cornerback Pacman Jones. It seemed to be hush money, but it was characterized by Jones as money that was paid only because Edwards threatened to come after Jones and/or his family.

As it turns out, Edwards initially wanted the money because he believed that Jones had ordered a hit.

A hit? Obviously, the accounts of the events from Jones and Edwards probably vary widely, but if Jones, or someone in his entourage, mentioned killing one, or more, of the people who were eventually shot then he's got bigger problems than losing $15k in "extortion payments". Like Florio asserts in the entry, what Pacman admitted to Commissioner Goodell last April is now in question, and could be a huge sticking point as to whether or not he gets reinstated.

It also falls under my first point that Pacman may have been directly involved with the shooting, and that's why he was paying the money.

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