Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dontrelle Willis Settles DUI Case

Dontrelle Willis, of crazy high leg kicking fame, entered a guilty plea in his DUI case that was reduced to reckless driving. The bigger part of the story is the police report description of Willis when the cops rolled up on him:

The former Marlins left-hander was arrested in December 2006 in Miami Beach. Police noticed Willis had double-parked his Bentley and had watery eyes, slurred speech and appeared confused.

At first, I would wonder if they hadn't mistaken him with Ricky Williams, but it was '06 and I'm pretty sure Ricky Ganja wasn't sporting a Bentley at that point. However, I would like to know where Dontrelle was headed after double parking his ride. He was probably either so confused that he thought he was home, or he was trying to track down a sandwich vendor for a post-drinking binge snack.

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