Wednesday, April 25, 2007

2005 NFL Player Salaries Comparison Continued, The Running Backs

So, we've made our way through the first set of players, the quarterbacks, and are moving on to their backfield mates, the running backs. Up to this point, we've seen that in 2005 the top 10 highest paid quarterbacks cost their respective teams an average of $675,880 per touchdown thrown. Let's see how the running backs of '05 compare to that and each other.

Stiff-Arming Into the Comparison, The '05 Running Backs

In 2005, the highest paid running back was Cincy's Rudi Johnson. He was paid $10,250,00 which put him about $1.2 million ahead of second place's Edgerrin James. Now let's take a look at how all of their salaries breakdown in terms of rushing touchdowns.

Rudi Johnson: $10,250,000/12 rushing TD's = $854,166/TD

Edgerrin James: $9,081,000/13TD's = $698,538/TD

Kevan Barlow: $8,131,400/3TD's = $2,710,466/TD

Deuce McAllister(5 games): $7,650,000/3TD's = $2,550,000/TD

LaMont Jordan: $7,550,000/9TD's = $838,888/TD

Brian Westbrook: $7,430,770/3TD's = $2,476,923/TD

Shaun Alexander: $6,323,000/27TD's = $234,185/TD

Tiki Barber: $6,003,960/9TD's = $667,106/TD

Cedric Benson: $5,670,000/0TD's

Domanick Davis(Williams): $5,384,400/2TD's = $2,692,200/TD

There's the top 10 highest paid running backs in 2005, and their respective rushing touchdown stats. Out of that group, Shaun Alexander was a "steal" at $234k per rushing touchdown scored. Barlow, McAllister, Westbrook and Davis(Williams) were all extremely costly with each of them costing more than $2 million per rushing touchdown, and Cedric Benson was paid over $5 million and failed to score one rushing TD. As a whole, the top 9(excluded Benson) highest paid running backs were paid an average of $1,524,719 per rushing TD. That's significantly more than the $675k that the quarterbacks averaged. As with the QB's, there were a few players that weren't in the top 10 in terms of salary, but performed well during the season. There were 6 that scored double digit rushing TD's, but weren't in the top 10 group. They were:

Larry Johnson: $678,000/20TD's = $33,900/TD

LaDainian Tomlinson: $5,001,320/18 TD's = $277,851/TD

Corey Dillon: $4,003,520/12TD's = $333,626/TD

Stephen Davis: $2,600,000/12TD's = $216,666/TD

Mike Anderson: $640,000/12TD's = $53,333/TD

Clinton Portis: $455,000/11TD's = $37,916/TD

In terms of running backs, L.J. and Coach Janky Spanky(Portis) were big-time "steals". They both came in well under the $1.5 million average set by the top 10. To give you an idea of some of the players that were paid more than both of them in '05 here are a few names: Rod "He Hate Me" Smart, Eric Shelton and Ryan Moats.

That's it for the '05 running backs. Tomorrow we'll tackle the wide receivers.

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