Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Revisiting Some NFL Player Salaries From 2005

Since most of the newest NFL news has been, and will continue to be, focused on one subject(The NFL Draft-presented by Mel Kiper's hair!) I thought it would be interesting to examine over the next three days how some of the NFL's players were paid during the 2005 season. I chose 2005 because it's the most recent year listed in the USA Today Player Salary Database. The data will, for the most part, be compiled from the top 10 salaried(base salary + signing bonus + other bonuses) players at the quarterback, running back and wide receiver positions. That financial data will then be compared to their passing touchdowns(QB's), rushing touchdowns(RB's) and receiving touchdowns(WR's) since that's what players at those respective positions are primarily paid to do. The data will only be from their regular season games since not all of the players had the opportunity to increase their stats in the postseason. A few players outside of the top 10 in salary will also be included for comparison.

Slingin' Their Numbers First, The '05 QB's

In 2005, the highest paid quarterback in the NFL was none other than Atlanta's own Valtrex spokesman Michael Vick. His $23,102,750 million in total salary put him almost $4 million ahead of second place's Matt Hasselbeck(first his salary, then the Super Bowl). Though, Vick threw 9 less touchdowns throughout the course of the regular season. Let's take a look at how the '05 quarterbacks compared to each other.

Michael Vick: $23,102,759/15 passing TD's = $1,540,183/pass TD

Matt Hasselbeck: $19,005,280/24TD's = $791,886/TD

Tom Brady: $15,654,180/26TD's = $602,083/TD

Brett Favre: $9,500,00/20TD's = $475,000/TD

Ben Roethlisberger: $9,498,840/17TD's = $558,755/TD

Eli Manning: $9,305,000/24TD's = $387,708/TD

Drew Brees: $8,082,070/24TD's = $336,751/TD

Jake Plummer: $7,630,200/18TD's = $423,900/TD

Steve McNair: $7,501,770/16TD's = $468,860/TD

Daunte Culpepper(injured, only played in 7 games): $7,042,090/6TD's = $1,173,681/TD

Based soley on those statistics, Drew Brees was a "steal" at $336,751 paid per passing touchdown, and Mike Vick's $1.5 million+ was pretty exorbitant for a quarterback.

Two names that are conspicuously absent are Carson Palmer, the league leader in passing TD's in '05, and Peyton Manning.

Palmer's '05 salary was $3,750,00 which ranked him 22nd overall, and he threw 32 touchdown passes. That put him at $117,187/TD pass. Pretty good when you compare him to the other quarterbacks. Manning's situation is a little skewed because a lot of his money came in the form of a $34,500,000 signing bonus in 2004. However, for comparison's sake Manning's total salary in '05 was $668,520 and he threw 28 touchdowns. That put him at $23,875/TD, and made him a very "efficient" passer in monetary terms for the 2005 season.

Tomorrow, I'll compare the running backs of 2005, and see how they stack up.

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