Monday, April 23, 2007

Floyd Landis' Urine Still Making Headlines

The French newspaper L'Equipe reported today that follow-up tests on the "B" samples of Landis' urine clearly showed traces of synthetic testosterone. Of course, there's still controversy surrounding how these samples were tested. Apparently, Landis' "expert", Paul Smith, was supposed to be able to witness the test along with two USADA officials. However, when the USADA officials didn't show up Smith was barred from entering the lab. Landis orginally wanted the samples to be tested in United States, but the machine at UCLA was broken(Ricky Manning Jr. probably thought it was a laptop).

The "B" samples themselves were under much speculation to begin with due to an "administrative error" during testing.

For now, it doesn't appear that any progress will be made in either direction until an arbitration hearing convenes on May 14.

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