Friday, April 27, 2007

The WNBA's Newest Export? Girl Fights!

This past Wednesday night, WNBA player, Deanna Jackson, was arrested and charged with assault after punching an opponent, Ina Gourevitch, in the face and breaking her nose. Apparently, Jackson and Gourevitch "got into a skirmish and shouted insults at each other" towards the end of their league's championship game. Somehow, the action "spilled into the parking lot, where Jackson sought out Gourevitch and punched her, breaking her nose".

Now Jackson gets to spend some time in an Israeli jail, and has to stay in the country until at least May 3 when she's scheduled to appear in court. I'm sure that will be a wonderful experience.

Two things. First, if you're going to get arrested for assault you probably want to make sure that you do it in your own country. Going to jail in the U.S. is bad enough, but doing so in a foreign country, especially after just breaking the nose of a player who won a championship for that country isn't the smartest idea. Second, can you imagine if the "Palace Brawl" had spilled out into the parking lot? There would probably still be guys duking it out on the sidewalks.

Oh yeah, Carmelo could probably take some pointers from Jackson on exactly how to fight during a basketball game.

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