Thursday, April 26, 2007

Happy Hoofin' Barbaro

Right now you think you've got your weekend all planned out as far as sports go. Check out the NFL Draft(presented by Mel Kiper's hair!), watch some NBA playoff action, maybe even make some time for the Red Sox vs. Yankees, Byron Nelson Championship or the Aaron's 499. However, you're forgetting one glorious event.

Barbaro's 4th birthday! I've even included an invitation that you can send to your friends!

That's right, this Sunday people all over the country will be celebrating what would have been the fourth anniversary of Barbaro's glorious presence on this planet. According to Sharon Crumb, organizer of the "Celebration of Barbaro's Life", she'll have more than 500 FOB's(that's Friends of Barbaro for those of you not in the loop) attending a "day of racing, sharing stories and paying respects" at Delaware Park. Additional activities include a "'Fans of Barbaro' race in which 10 fans will be able to participate in winner's circle activities, Barbaro highlight videos and a screening of the independent film, 'The First Saturday in May'". Hopefully security has been told to keep an eye out for Dee Mirich.

Other cities, such as Tampa, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, will also be hosting Barbaro celebrations at local horsetracks.

One curious omission in the AP article is of the website address where FOB's have left messages for Barbaro. Hopefully it's not because the fine people at have driven them into hiding with their own contributions to the Barbaro messageboard. He was after all, Deadspin's 2006 Sportshuman Of The Year.

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