Monday, April 30, 2007

Hopefully Baltimore Doesn't Have to Play Denver Anytime Soon

By now, I'm sure that most of you know that Heisman Trophy winner(didn't Florida take that from him too?) Troy Smith was drafted in the fifth round by the Baltimore Ravens. Now the talk is that he's headed into a good situation there because Steve McNair doesn't have the best health record, and Kyle Boller's contract is up in the near future. Some are speculating that there's a decent chance he could be groomed as the Ravens' starting QB. All Florida vs OSU jokes aside, I'm happy to see a kid that seems humble and dedicated get a shot at playing in the NFL. However, he better hope that Baltimore doesn't have to face Denver while he's under center(cue Florida vs OSU jokes!).

Yesterday, Denver used two of their picks on defensive linemen from the '06-'07 National Champion Florida Gators team. Jarvis Moss went first, at number 17, and in case you forgot about him he tallied two sacks, a forced fumble, and lots of general mayhem when he faced Troy Smith in the BCS title game. The second Gators lineman to be drafted by the Broncos was Marcus Thomas. Thomas was kicked off of the Florida team in early November, and was arguably the most talented lineman of the group. I'm pretty sure he too could have given Troy Smith some fuel for his nightmares. Then, after drafting those players, Denver signs Steven Harris, another '06-'07 UF d-lineman, as an undrafted free agent. Harris didn't rack up too many stats against OSU(and is probably a longshot to make the team), but he was part of that group that harrassed Troy Smith all night back in early January.

So there you go, three Florida linemen from the '06-'07 national championship squad all on the same NFL team, for now at least. Mike Shanahan is probably wishing that Troy Smith would have been drafted by an AFC West team right about now.

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