Saturday, April 21, 2007

The MLB Is Not Amused With Your Flashing Light

Last night, a 40 year old Mets fan, Frank Martinez, was ejected and charged with "interfering with a professional sporting event" and "second-degree reckless endangerment".

The charges came about because Martinez flashed a "small streamline flashlight" at Atlanta pitcher Tim Hudson and shortstop Edgar Renteria. At that point in the game, the bottom of the eight inning, the Mets were already behind 7-0. So, either Martinez thought his magic flashlight was going to cause the Braves to self destruct, or he was drunk. Personally, I'm going with the second one.

The most interesting part of this story however, is not that Martinez was ejected and arrested for flashing his light. No, it's that "a law making it expressly illegal to interfere with a professional sporting event was passed by the city in 2003 following a disruptive incident involving fashion designer Calvin Klein".

What? Calvin Klein? And exactly what did Mr. Klein do?

"Klein stepped onto the basketball court at Madison Square Garden in March 2003 to speak with player Latrell Sprewell while a Knicks game was in progress."

I vaguely remember that incident, but had no idea that it had lead to a law being passed.

I guess it's a good thing they have no laws against pizza tossing in Boston.

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