Tuesday, April 10, 2007

NFL Delayed Schedule Release Costing Chris Henry $25k?

On April 2, the NFL confirmed reports that the release of the regular season schedule would be delayed for a few weeks. At that time, it was unclear what type of punishment NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would place upon the Bengals' Chris Henry and Titans' PacMan Jones. As of this afternoon though, we know that Henry will sit out the first eight games of the season, and Jones is out of the league for all of '07-'08. One thing that caught my eye was in reference to how much the suspension would end up costing Henry.

"Henry will lose $204,705.88 in salary if the Bengals' bye week comes after Week 8. He will lose $230,294.12 if the Bengals' bye week falls in the first eight weeks of the season, meaning he will miss nine weeks of pay."

So, the difference between a Bengals bye week in the first eight weeks of the season, and one that comes after Week 8 is a $25,588.24 loss in income for Henry.

I'm not exactly sure how easy it would be for the NFL schedule makers to change a team's bye week this late in the offseason, but with Commissioner Goodell obviously wanting to make a statement I wouldn't totally rule it out.

It will be interesting to see exactly where Cincinnati's bye week falls when the schedule is finally released.


jd said...

The vast majority of teams have a bye week before Week 8 regardless.

the chief said...

first off - i suck at math and things involving numbers in general.

But he only loses money if you look at it as paid by the week, instead of paid by the game. If you divide out his salary by games played, he'll lose exactly 8 games worth of salary, regardless of where the bye week occurs. No?

BDoc said...

Chief, that's true. It depends on how Henry has his contract set up, and I assume(due to the difference in salary lost listed in the article I quoted) that he gets paid weekly.

Cincy's bye week is scheduled during Week 5 so Henry will actually sit out the first 9 weeks of the regular season.