Monday, April 30, 2007

Cheer Up, The CFL Draft Is Only 2 Days Away

The NFL Draft is over, and because of your former favorite team's draft choices(thanks Miami!) you've already given up on the 2007 season and need to buy a new TV. Things aren't all bad though because the Canadian Football League Draft is on May 2, just two days away. Yeah, it is sort of weird that they're holding it on a Wednesday, but I guess it helps break up the week and it is "Hump Day" after all. Besides, it's probably presented by Molson which instantly makes it cooler than anything the Coors sponsored NFL does.

Regarding the NFL Draft, here are a few of my thoughts.

I am a Miami Dolphins fan(thanks for the condolences). When Brady Quinn slipped to #9 I, along with most of the other Dolphins fans in the world, thought for sure that Miami would pick him up. If you watched any coverage of the draft at all I'm sure that you saw the graphic illustrating just how futile Miami has been in their efforts to replace Dan Marino since he retired. Seriously, I think there were about 13 different players on the list(woohoo, Sage Rosenfels!). At one point I expected them to bring in Jon Gries for a tryout. He does after all have a burning desire to make up for his team losing the state championship. Anyway, Quinn had to realize just how bad his day was going when a team that had been looking for a QB to build around since 2000 passed on him. Then they draft Ted Ginn Jr. Yes, Wes Welker is gone, and there's talk that Marty Booker might not be back next season either, but there were quality receivers available in round two(Rice, Jarrett, Smith). None of them quite have Ginn's speed or moves, but I don't think that John Beck has the experience of Brady Quinn either which is basically the comparison since Miami went receiver in round one and quarterback in round two(and Trent Green to Miami isn't a done deal). Regardless of whether or not you like Brady Quinn, he would have put more people in the seats than Ted Ginn will, and he would have given the Dolphins a piece to build around. My TV and I still can't believe it.

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