Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If You Ever Needed A Reason To Watch The Oxygen Network This Is It

Sure, you've snuck in a few episodes of Sue Johanson's "Talk Sex"(it's like a female cryptkeeper talking about orgasms *shudder*), but you've never really watched anything on the Oxygen Network. Well, that's about to change. On June 15, 2007 Oxygen is giving us another round of "Fight Girls". It "chronicles 10 tough female fighters who are out for the fight of their lives and attempt the impossible - to beat the best female fighters in the world in a battle for the World Muay Thai Championship".

Really, it's like a fantasy for many guys minus the Victoria's Secret lingerie, pillows and giggling. However, we still get to see some ladies(hopefully semi-attractive ones) duke it out, and looking at the current state of men's heavyweight boxing it can't be much worse. Oh yeah, it's being produced by the same guys that brought us "Pros vs Joes" so you know that it's got to be entertaining. If we're lucky, maybe Petros Papadakis will even get knocked out.

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