Friday, June 01, 2007

Michael Vick, Getting Cleaned Up For His Court Date

As the Atlanta Falcons started their offseason workouts, something was noticeably different. No, not Bobby Petrino as head coach, or Joe Horn in a Falcons jersey. It was Michael Vick without braids. You may remember that back in 2004 Vick said he wasn't going to cut his hair until he won a Super Bowl.

"I'm growing my hair out it, and I'm not going to cut it until we win a Super Bowl," Vick said. "I was going to let my hair grow last season, but I cut it three weeks before I got hurt. I'm really superstitious, so I'm going to let it grow. As bad as I want it off my head, and as hot as I am, I won't cut it off until I win a Super Bowl. I will win a Super Bowl -- someday."

Well, the Super Bowl win obviously hasn't panned out yet, but a few months of turmoil sure have.

It started with Vick giving a fan in Atlanta the one finger salute following a loss to the Saints. Then, he was busted at Miami International Airport with a fake water bottle that had a secret compartment. Early reports indicated that it contained marijuana residue. Most recently, he's been implicated in a dog-fighting operation that took place on a property he owned in Virginia.

That last incident is the most severe of the three, and if Vick is proven to truly be a "heavyweight" in the dog-fighting world he'll be facing serious jailtime.

However, that new haircut should help him look a bit more presentable should he have to face a judge in the next few weeks. Or maybe he believes that he's sort of an anti-Samson, and that cutting off his hair will actually help him not engage in stupid behavior. Either way, I'm sure the inmates at Georgia State Prison don't care whether he has braids or a new fade.

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