Sunday, February 03, 2008

Down Go The Patriots!

Forgive me if this post gets a bit incoherent. It's fueled by alcohol and Queens of the Stone Age. Anyway, this was the best Super Bowl I can ever remember.

Seriously, we just saw Eli Manning grow up before our very eyes. Did you see him avoid that sack and bomb it to Tyree? That was a move that elite quarterbacks make in the biggest game of their life. And he did it. That's right, Eli Manning performed like an elite quarterback tonight.

And you know who he can thank for that? Bill Belichick and the Patriots. He played well enough against them in their first meeting in week 17 to have the Giants in position to win. Eventhough they lost that game, his confidence had reached new heights and he displayed a new set of skills throughout the playoffs. Thanks to the Pats, he was able to win three road games enroute to getting to a ring.

That's right, Eli Manning is a Super Bowl champion. Throw your ridicule out the window because he overcame anything you can write or say, and beat the "unstoppable" New England Patriots(I guess Citizen got it right after all.)

And as a Dolphins fan, I congratulate Eli and his teammates the way that I would if Miami had won the Super Bowl. They beat our hated division rivals, and kept the '72 Dolphins' perfect record intact.

Sure, New England might have gone 18-0, but what do they have to show for it? An AFC East title? And AFC Championship? Wow. Undefeated and that's what you're rewarded with? Sorry motherfuckers, but you got rolled in the biggest game of the season and that's what you'll be remembered for.

And you know what?

Even if Mastercard doesn't make a commercial commemorating it, it's still fucking priceless.

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