Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ocho Cinco In The Orange And Aqua?

Chad Johnson's mouth runs as fast, if not faster than his legs. So I don't put much stock in his apparent lobbying to get traded to Miami. The Bengals have sort of fallen apart, and don't look like nearly the threat to take over the AFC North like they did a few years back. Obviously, Johnson has gone through that decline firsthand, and he's looking to get out of Cincy.

Parcells was able to handle work with Keyshawn Johnson, and he seemed to do "ok" with Terrell Owens. Two of the league's more difficult receivers. There's a shortlist of coaches/personnel guys that could effectively deal with Ocho Cinco on a daily basis, and Parcells is on it. If anyone could get CJ to thrive in South Florida I think it would be Parcells.

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