Wednesday, February 27, 2008

When You Lose The Super Bowl You Gotta Relieve The Stress Baby!

This past season had to be stressful for the New England Patriots. Every week they had to hear about how it was amazing they were undefeated. How their opponent that week would knock them off. How they got that way because of Spygate. Then they made it to the Super Bowl, and everything looked like it was going to line up for them.

Well, we all know how that ended.

The Pats lost the Super Bowl, and a season's worth of work vanished by way of an improbable throw by Eli Manning and a spectacular catch by David Tyree. After all of that, who can blame the Pats if they want to blow off some steam? Unfortunately, it's more like inhale some smoke because two of them have been busted for marijuana possession. The most recent incident involved Kevin Faulk, a captain of this past season's team.

New England Patriots running back Kevin Faulk was issued a misdemeanor summons last Friday for possession of marijuana. Capt. John Babin of the Lafayette Metro Narcotics Task Force confirmed the summons on Tuesday.

Faulk, a Louisiana native and former LSU star, was on his way to a suite in the Lafayette Cajundome to watch a performance by rapper Lil Wayne, when a routine search by a sheriff's deputy turned up four marijuana cigarettes, Babin said.

Everyone heading to the suites was searched, Babin said.

Faulk was not arrested or required to post bond.

"He was cited for simple possession, which is a misdemeanor," Babin said. "It's based on an amount possessed for personal use."

The thing that I find interesting is that apparently heading into the performance was searched. Now Faulk had to have seen that this was happening, and he probably had a chance to step out of line and head to the bathroom or outside where he could ditch his joints. However, he chose to keep them in his possession. So that means either he thought security wouldn't catch them, or that they would let him slide because he's an NFL player. Both of those are risky choices, and probably not the best ways to deal with that situation. Oh well, he did better than his teammate Willie Andrews that got busted about three weeks ago with a half-pound of marijuana.

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