Tuesday, February 19, 2008

When Litigation Runs Wild

Ok, I dislike the Patriots as much as a lot of people. Well, maybe it's more like hate. Though, I grew up as a Dolphins fan, so I have to hate them(the same goes for the Jets and Bills). However, I don't think that I hate them enough to support what Willie Gary is proposing.

Oh, you don't know who Willie Gary is?

Well, you're probably in the majority because until the other day I didn't know who he was either and I'm actually a football fan. Willie Gary is a former St. Louis Rams safety who played in Super Bowl XXXVI. You know, the one where the Pats alledgedly taped the Rams final walkthrough and then won 20-17. Gary has joined a class action lawsuit against the Pats, and believes that the Rams players from that Super Bowl team are entitled to $25,000 each due to the difference in compensation between the winning and losing teams and $125,000 each due to not winning a ring. The total would amount to $6.75 million.

Like I said, I hate the Patriots, but this seems sort of "sore loserish" to me. The Rams were heavy favorites to win, but lost on a last second field goal. I'm sure for guys like Gary, who never made it to the superstar level, losing the Super Bowl is something that he'll never forget. However, the tapes in question better show some very damning evidence of the Patriots staff "cheating", or else Gary will also be remembered as the guy who could never get over losing the big game.

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