Tuesday, February 19, 2008

JT Gets To Show Off His Twinkle Toes

What do Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith and Jason Taylor have in common? Yes, they all play(ed) football, but that's not all. No, when Taylor makes his dancing debut in March, they will all have been contestants on "Dancing With The Stars".

That's right, Jason Taylor, the NFL's sack leader in 2002, will be cutting a rug instead of cutting down quarterbacks. He'll also have some high expectations regarding NFL players and the show because Rice finished 2nd in the spring of '06 and Smith won the competition in the fall of '06. Hopefully, he finishes better on the dance floor than his team did on the field last season.

My main concern is that he doesn't get himself injured while competing on the show. While it is a longshot, it's certainly a possibility. And it would be embarrassing for him, and a huge blow to a team that's trying to rebuild for yet another year.

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