Monday, November 19, 2007

Michael Vick's Prison Journey Begins

Today, Michael Vick headed off to prison to begin serving whatever sentence the judge hands down at his December 10 hearing. That's right, he voluntarily went to prison early in an effort to get his time served started as soon as possible, and to possibly earn a lighter sentence because of his willingness to accept responsibility for his actions.

Right now, it's believed that Vick will be sentenced to about 1.5 years. Whatever he receives, it will take him a long way from being a #1 draft pick, and signing a 10-year $130 million contract.


Chuck Gallagher said...

Looks like Michael might spend more time in prison than he thought based on the sentences handed down today to the others involved. Having been to federal prison, I hope that when this is over Michael might use his energy to help others understand that every choice has a consequences.

BDoc said...

Yeah, it looks like that might be the case. Federal prison is a long way from being the starting QB for an NFL team. And you're right, hopefully Vick does try to educate others on the subject of consequences.