Thursday, November 08, 2007

This Isn't Crimeline That You're Calling

It seems like contacting a media outlet with a "tip" never ends well. Whether it's regarding highly sensitive CIA information, or youth football, you should always expect some type of backlash. Though, especially if it involves football.

A young football player, suspended last week during a controversy surrounding coaches with criminal records, is back on the field.

Tyler Patrick, 12, and his family were banned from the Azalea Bulldogs Oct. 29 after Tyler’s mother, Michelle Patrick, called the St. Petersburg Times with a tip that several of the program’s coaches had criminal records.

Her tip resulted in the suspension of her son and husband, an assistant coach for the Bulldogs’ junior varsity PeeWees. An e-mail, apparently from the Azalea Bulldogs board, said the Patricks were excluded from the program.

A board member called the Patricks Tuesday night to tell them Tyler was no longer suspended, Michelle said.

Interesting. I wonder if there's been arguing between the mother and father and the other coaches, and that's why she made the call. Although, in this article it seems like she was just concerned about the coaches' criminal records, and felt that other parents with children enrolled in the league should know about them. It also seems as if the league felt the need to retaliate instead of looking into the matter.
Tyler was initially suspended Oct. 25 as talk circulated among parents about the Times story, his parents said. The Patricks said they were given a several reasons for the suspension, including that they hadn't paid for Tyler to participate in the playoffs. But players don't pay by the game, Michelle Patrick said. She also was told she had violated a parent code of conduct, but she missed the parents meeting in which it was presented and so never signed one.

The Patricks were told the 15-member league board would decide whether Tyler could resume playing. Board members include head coach Dozier, his wife and head coach Monroe's wife.

It is somewhat telling that Coach Dozier and Coach Monroe are two of the three individuals with the criminal records, and they've got some level of influence in the decision that the league board makes. It makes that first reaction look even more suspicious.

Thankfully, it appears that Tyler will be able to play in the playoffs this weekend. Let's just hope that none of the opposing coaches instruct their players to go after him.

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