Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tha Doggfather Raps On Romo

You may think that you have everything covered leading up the big Packers vs. Cowboys game tonight, but I bet there's something that you haven't seen yet. Sure, you've read about the bickering between the NFL and cable companies. About the injuries that could play a factor. About Tony Romo being the heir apparent to Brett Favre's gunslinging, crowd pleasing ways. However, you probably haven't heard Snoop Dogg's take on the NFL's fastest rising quarterback.

"The people around him, he make them look good, but they make him look better."

And that's just the beginning.
It's like a real deal, this is not a promo

It's big Snoop Dog, they can compare me to Romo.

But when I bring it to you, you know you gonna go slow

Listen to me give it to you -- pause -- take the photo.

Right on. Though, I'm not sure that I agree with the part about it not being a promo. It seems that ESPN has partnered with Snoop to reach different demographics, and this is definitely a piece promoting that relationship. But that's enough analysis, Snoop has some more knowledge to drop on us!
This big Snoop Dogg on the freestyle one time,

No groove needed, proceed it -- take my time.

Do you really understand the game of football?

Hut, Hut, Hike! First down, second, third and fourth.

See Snoop Dogg, I'm usually on the basketball court,

But today I'm in the N-F-L.

Doing things for my people, because my voice does sell.

My freestyle is like a quarterback, Tony Romo,

In the pocket reading the blitz -- staying with this

Snoopy D-O, double G, I pop like Crys.

I'm so original, they love the way I flow.

I do it smooth, and I'm always on the go.

Oh, yes, indeed. Proceed to give it to y'all.

The freshest SN, double-O-P, Doggy Dogg.

So there ya go. Snoop's Romo freestyle. Now you can feel confident that no matter where you're watching the game, whether it's at home or at a crowded sportsbar because some rich guys can't work out their differences for the good of the people(thanks, dicks!), you've covered every angle of it.

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