Friday, November 09, 2007

Roger Federer Dominates The Shaving World

Roger Federer holds a number of tennis records. Today, he brought his dominance to the shaving world.

World number one Roger Federer won a four-way shave-off in Shanghai on Friday in an unusual warm-up for the Tennis Masters Cup.

Appearing at a publicity event for a vibrating razor, Federer demonstrated his skills with a blade to 1,000 youths at a Chinese coming of age ceremony.

Skills indeed. And who was Federer facing? Surely it had to be China's top shaving prospect, right?
Federer finished his appearance in downtown Shanghai by shaving alongside three baby-faced Chinese 20-year-olds, who appeared not to know one end of a razor from the other.

"You have to put water on your face," Federer advised his fellow shavers, who shook nervously under the glare of flashlights and television cameras. "Then add the shaving cream."

Ah, so it was really no different than a lot of the early tournament rounds he plays in. At least we found out that Federer would like Brad Pitt to play him if they ever make a movie about his life(riiight...).
Dressed in a charcoal suit, Federer chose "Fight Club" star Pitt over fellow Hollywood idols Johnny Depp, Matt Damon -- even Denzil Washington and Jet Lee -- to play him in a film.

"Brad Pitt did some tough movies and I'd like mine to be a tough movie too," said Federer, who will be bidding for a fourth title at the Masters Cup beginning on Sunday.

"Comedy would be fine too but I'm more a tough-guy movie kind of guy."

Yeah, a "tough movie" about a professional tennis superstar. Sounds like it would go over as well as "Rocky V" did.

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