Friday, November 02, 2007

PacMan Jones Gets To Plead His Case

Well, the day has finally come. PacMan Jones gets his shot today to speak with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about a possible early reinstatement.

Suspended cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in New York on Friday about a possible early reinstatement.

Goodell suspended the Tennessee cornerback in April for the 2007 season and promised Jones' case could be reviewed after the Titans' 10th game, which is Nov. 19 in Denver. But Friday's meeting will come two days before the Titans' eighth game.

Goodell suspended Jones in April for violating the league's personal conduct policy. At the time, Jones had been arrested five times since being drafted by the Titans with the sixth pick overall in 2005. He was arrested a sixth time in June on charges from a Las Vegas strip club fight.

Personally, I doubt that Jones will be reinstated early because of the ongoing issues regarding the Las Vegas stripclub shooting and an obstruction of justice charge in Georgia. The Titans and Goodell also didn't seem thrilled with Jones' involvement with TNA Wrestling. However, think about what it could mean if Jones were reinstated early.

Right now, the Tennessee Titans are ranked #5 in total defense. They're #1 against the rush(64.3yds/gm, 3TD's) and #18 against the pass(217.9yds/gm, 7TD's, 11INT's). Returning Jones to the secondary would greatly strengthen a pass defense that hasn't allowed many touchdowns, and is near the top of the league in interceptions. It would also give the defensive line and linebackers a little more time to pressure quarterbacks, which the Titans could use as they're roughly middle of the pack in that stat.

Currently, the Titans have a record of 5-2. Winning the AFC South division probably isn't going to happen with the Colts being as strong as they are. However, the Titans are right in the thick of things with regard to the wildcard spots, and adding a talented corner like PacMan to an already strong defense would just increase their chances of making the playoffs.

While some might say that communities should be on notice when PacMan is on the loose, the NFL better be on notice for the Titans should Commissioner Goodell reinstate him early.

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