Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pacman Just Wanted To Practice His Wrestling Moves

That lovable scamp Pacman Jones may have gotten into a little trouble again this past weekend. Because when you're not "making it rain" or "wrestling" professionally, the best way to pass the time while on suspension is to mix it up with your teammates.

Titans officials are investigating an apparent altercation between suspended cornerback Pacman Jones and defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth this past weekend, Coach Jeff Fisher confirmed Monday night.

"I am looking into it right now, but I am not going to comment,'' Fisher said after the Titans lost 34-20 to the Broncos. "We will look into it more (today).''

So it appears that something happened, but no one knows the severity of it. One thing Pacman can't afford is for the police to investigate, and ultimately charge him with a crime in connection with the altercation. However, it seems that they're at least going to check it out a little bit.
Metro police spokesman Don Aaron, in Denver on Monday night, said police did not have record of an incident involving the two players and no Titans players had been arrested. Aaron said he would explore the matter in more detail upon returning to Nashville.

That's probably what Pacman doesn't want to hear. Though, it will be interesting to see what the police uncover about this incident. My guess is that Pacman was practicing his "Superfly Splash", and that Haynesworth just got in the way.

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