Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sorry For The F-U

Deadspin provided us with the picture, and the backstory on why Wyoming Coach Joe Glenn felt it necessary to let the Utah Utes know they were his special #1 this past Saturday.

After getting his hand, especially that pesky middle finger, slapped by the Mountain West Conference Glenn has apologized for his actions.

Wyoming Coach Joe Glenn said the obscene gesture he made toward the Utah sideline during Saturday's game was "stupid of me" and vowed it would never happen again. Glenn was reprimanded by the conference, and he apologized in a statement issued through the university Monday and again on Tuesday during the weekly Mountain West Conference coaches conference call.

Ah, that sucks. I was hoping this would be the beginning of a budding MWC rivalry. Besides, if you're going to give the bird you might as well go all out, and hit them with the super finger. That's something they'll never recover from.

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