Thursday, June 07, 2007

Trindon Holliday, Faster Than Everyone You Know

If you're a fan of college football, especially of the SEC variety(toughest conference suckas!), then you've probably heard of Trindon Holliday. He's the diminutive(5'5", 159lbs) athlete that plays football for the LSU Tigers, and is so fast that he could give JaMarcus Russell enough speed for him to run a 4.2 forty and still be faster than 3/4 of your favorite college team. Seriously, the guy has "wheels" in every sense of the word, and he showcased them in excellent form Wednesday night at the NCAA Track and Field Championships.

Holliday bolted from start to finish in the 100m dash to the tune of 10.02 seconds. He ran the fastest 100m time for an American this year, and only two guys in the world have put up faster times in '07(9.97 by world record holder Asafa Powell of Jamaica and 9.98 by Derrick Atkins of Bahamas).

For reference, here's Holliday running a 10.08 in the SEC Championships last month.

And for those of you who like your sports with a bit more violence(you can't hit what you can't catch), here are some highlights from the LSU vs Arkansas game last year. You'll have to fast-forward to the 2 minute mark to see how Holliday's speed translates onto the field. And that black stuff coming off of his cleats in the end zone? Obviously it's smoke because he just smoked the Razorbacks kick coverage team.


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