Sunday, June 03, 2007

Billy Donovan Seems To Be Experiencing Signer's Remorse

Usually you think of someone experiencing a bad case of remorse when they purchase a car, and then regret the decision 24 hours later. Apparently, that's what Billy Donovan is going through right now, except that it involves an NBA team and a $27 million contract.

"Sources close to the situation"(you always have to love those!) say that Donovan is "attempting to return to Gainesville". The situation is serious enough that Florida AD Jeremy Foley had to return quickly to Gainesville on Saturday morning instead of meeting with VCU coach Anthony Grant, a former Donovan assistant, to discuss the opening. Sources close to that "situation" say that Florida was poised to offer Grant the job for $1.1 million per year.

I guess Donovan realized that the NBA is much more of a grind than college, and that being the King of Basketball in Gainesville isn't all that bad. Heck, a few more winning seasons, and they would probably would change the name on the O'Connell Center for him.

My hunch is that the DeVos family told him that he would have to sell 25,000 units of Amway products, and that BillyD realized that playing Kentucky twice a year wasn't so bad after all. Florida fans may be rowdy, but at least they're not cultlike.

The biggest question now is how will the fans react? Will they welcome him back with open arms? Will they be suspicious, always wondering when the next NBA team will try to lure him away? Personally, I think the two championship trophies in Gainesville speak for themselves, but BillyD might want to carry them around with him on campus for a while just to remind everyone.

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